Transforming Cancer Diagnostics


Using protein biomarkers, UROQUANT will revolutionise diagnostics. The first product, UROQUANT BC for diagnosing bladder cancer directly from urine will be established as novel gold standard for routine cancer patient care.

  • Superior diagnostic technology due to rapid and robust diagnosis at high specificity and sensitivity
  • 50% cost reduction for health care systems
  • Reproducible and independent BC diagnosis
  • High-throughput enables highly scalable business
  • Strong potential for BC prognosis and for use as CDx

UROQUANT BC is based on a defined protein expression pattern indicative for bladder cancer. Quantitative mass spectrometry analysis of a multimarker protein panel that is highly specific for BC diagnostics enables fast and robust diagnosis of BC. The multi-combinatorial power of the individual protein biomarkers significantly enhances sensitivity and specificity making UROQUANT BC a superior diagnostic standard in clinical routine.

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